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Under Reagan and “his government of the Exxons, by the General Motors, and for the Du Ponts,” Nader said that consumer groups had “to place more emphasis on what can be done at the the state and local levels.” Nader groups lobbied state attorneys general to file suits on all-terrain vehicles and health claims in Campbell’s Soup ads.

To fight the pay raise, he teamed up with a guru of the New Right, Paul Weyrich, and a nationwide network of wild-mouthed radio talk-show hosts to send Congress and much of the Washington Establishment mumbling and seething to defeat.

In 1989, PAW ran a profile of Nader that described him as “a legend, perhaps the only universally recognized symbol of pure honesty and clean energy left.” The story, by Marc Fisher ’80, is reproduced below.

In his new book, , consumer advocate Ralph Nader ’55 attempts to hold presidents George W.

A lot of what you thought you knew about Ralph Nader is right. He carries in his memory more dramatic, damning statistics than would fit in the entire opus of the . Truth be told, the people didn’t want to hear Nader’s carping and whining either. He would appear on television, and people would think he’d had a stroke.

He travels the nation with a battered, tom, old vinyl briefcase packed to the gills with documents, proof that corporations have done wrong and government has failed us. Out of some combination of shyness and arrogance, he can barely bring himself to use the word “I.” He is oblivious to pop culture. He has less tolerance for chitchat than the average 411 operator. The disease, caused in part by stress, forced Nader to drop from sight for a time — but only after he had another compelling reason.

Ralph Nader is a legend, perhaps the only universally recognized symbol of pure honesty and clean energy left in a culture that, after being shot through with greed, cynicism, and weariness, is oddly proud of itself. Shafeek was the only one of the four Nader kids to stay home, in Winsted, Connecticut, where he led and won the fight to create a Winsted community college. And when he returned to P Street, co-workers say, his approach had shifted His values and goals were unchanged, but now Nader seemed determined to focus his energy.Out there, Nader broke one of his lifelong rules and took to the hustings.campaigning in California for Proposition 103, an automobile-insurance-rate rollback for which Nader made TV spots and appeared at old-fashioned rallies.In the past four years, Nader’s groups have held twenty press conferences to release new studies, and, he says, the bothered to send a reporter all of once.When he lobbied with his usual zeal, the boys on the Hill told him to PAC up and take his act elsewhere.

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