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Alexander, Jessica Jenkins, born 21 September 1952, died 16 December 1991 in Tennessee, USAOur Remembrance There were more happy days than not. I wish I could say the same for Jordan's sons but you were already gone. I miss my baby boy who at 17 would still get in my lap Love mom and your brother we will see you again.

Dad, while we're trying to make the best of life after you, I would do anything to bring you back to us and to hear that laugh again. Encarnação, Carlos Alexandre, born 06 August 1993, died 26 August 2012 in Palmela, Portugal Our Remembrance My dear and loving Son, I hope that were you are you can feel free and happy.

For this is a journey that we all must take, and each must go alone.

It\'s all a part of the Master\'s plan, A step on the road to home. 1973, died 26 June 2008 in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, USAOur Remembrance You were the light in my life.

Babe I love u and will never love another as I do u!!!! Austin, Jessica T., born 02 December 1997, died 23 October 2013 in Florida, USAOur Remembrance A kind and loving girl and most beloved daughter. She shined a light on everyone she met and touched those who got to know her deeply. Brook, Leslie, born 25 December 1956, died in Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England Our Remembrance Leslie Norman Brook left his two sons, his wife and new puppy too soon, he will be dearly missed by all of us. Barcus, Jeffrey Ray, born 18 October 1962, died in Bidwell, Ohio Our Remembrance Please help us change the criteria to get someone help, when they can not ask for it themselves!!!

I never thought it was possible to cry soooo many tears as I have since you\'ve been gone.When you are lonely and sick of heart, Go to the friends we know. You were my only baby; I loved my role as a Mom to you & now I\'m not a mom anymore. You were the one that kept me going when Nana (my Mom) passed, Jean (my only sister) passed, and then Pop (my Dad) Now your gone. I just want to be with you, to make sure you are OK.And bury your sorrows in doing good deeds, Miss me --- but let me go. I try so very hard to cope; but it has been over 2 yrs & it is getting harder. Harris, Jordan Dane, born 14 October 1990, died 11 March 2013 in Phoenix, Arizona Our Remembrance In loving memory of a son, grandson, brother, cousin, and a best friend who was known for his contagious smile.Miss me a little--but not too long, And not with your head bowed low.Remember the love that we once shared, Miss me--- but let me go.

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