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If you are from the Eureopean Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland and staying only temporarily, you may use your EHIC card.Once you become an official resident, you will typically have to take out compulsory German health insurance.In 2017 the rate was set at 2.55 percent of your gross salary (or 2.8 percent if childless), up to a maximum of EUR 110.93 per month (or EUR 121.80 if you have no children), of which your employer pays half.

Employers usually organise your health insurance but you can do it yourself.

There are strict conditions, however, about who must register for mandatory state health insurance, and who can opt out in favour of private health insurance.

Travellers who have a foreign health insurance policy can use it during temporary visits to Germany, but will typically be asked to pay in cash at the end of their visit and claim a reimbursement later.

Non-working dependents living at the same address and registered with the are covered at no extra cost.

GKV does not cover consultations with private doctors, private rooms in hospitals, alternative or complementary treatments, dental implants or glasses/contact lenses for adults. Some, like AOK, BEK and DAK have millions of members; others have only a few thousand.

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