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Most live chat software provides you with visitor monitoring and traffic analysis.Some software on the lineup provides even more in-depth tracking, but you can expect certain features to be standard across the board in live chat software.Most commonly, these monitoring features include visitor's IP address, host name, country, type of web browser and the pages visited.This data gives you valuable information that you can use to pinpoint your visitors and establish more targeted marketing strategies.Your customers should be able to reach you through multiple platforms as well.No matter where you are, this software allows your customers to reach out to you or your service reps in real time and provide them with direct, speedy assistance In addition to customer support options, chat support often helps you track your interactions with your customers and gain valuable insights.Live chat support software gives you an avenue for actively communicating with your customers while also providing valuable tools for tracking these interactions.This software lets you interact with your website's visitor via an instant messaging system.

These packages include basic live chat services that are best for small and medium businesses.You can also look up statistics about when the customer last visited, how long they spent on the site and what pages they visited.The visitor chat history function allows you to view previous chats that you have had with certain customers so you can track your interactions and their specific needs.For example, if you notice that a visitor has spent a lot of time on one page or has left the site and then come back, you can reach out to them with simple statements like, "Hi, I noticed you're back. " This opens the doors of communication with visitors and potential customers.Repeat Visitor Identification & Chat History When you notice someone has visited your site on a repeated basis, you can automatically deliver chats to him or her, welcoming them back and asking if they need assistance.

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