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She was always beautifully dressed and was elusive.

Men were driven to rash and near-suicidal acts over her. Through Ruth's example I began to understand that while it helps to be beautiful, it is essential to being irresistible to men. Men are most attracted to women who are convinced of their own appeal.

Guys never seemed to be able to catch up with her, or at least she made them feel that way.

She had a kind of goddess quality, alluring yet distant and untouchable, but she was always in the close company of men.

She also unveils their secrets and tricks, so you too can unleash your inner siren.

Scroll down for more She says: "I come from a long line of women who treated seduction very seriously.

For each item you can modify the given info, add notes, attach files and screenshots, as well as external web links.

First, however, you must determine which one you are...

THE GODDESSClubs, teams and other group activities leave you cold. You like being waited on but also being in control. If you have to do casual then do jeans, but wear a £500 top.

And you enjoy dressing to the hilt and see yourself as different from other people. Stand tall - even the most diminutive Goddess will establish her regal presence if she throws her shoulders back and keeps her chin up. THE SEX KITTENYou tend to resort to shows of helplessness to get out of a tight spot.

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