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To compensate for some of the loss, along with generally trying to boost engagement on all platforms, there has been an increased emphasis on video content at many of these properties, which commands much higher advertising rates. and AOL have made significant investments in video content through Yahoo!Finance's live programming and The Huffington Post's Huff Post Live.Lipsman also points out that Google's Youtube site, which has been streaming videos since 2005, has seen the quality of its user generated content increase significantly.Higher quality and longer form content should improve advertising revenue."What the Internet went through in the past decade, mobile will have to go through the next decade," Lipsman said.

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But while people tend to spend a hefty amount of time searching through apartment listings, job openings and personal ads on the site, Craigslist has yet to roll out a mobile application for either smartphones or tablets, leaving third-party Craigslist apps to fill the void.

According to com Score, an Internet analytics company, Americans spend most of their time online on Facebook -- 10.8% in December 2012. Many of the top online sites have managed to significantly increase the time spent on their sites in the past year due to the rise in mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones.

That month, Americans spent another 10% of their Internet time on Google properties, including Google search and You Tube. The top 25 digital media properties in December 2012 increased their reach through mobile channels by 29% compared to December 2011. ESPN expanded its digital reach by 56% compared to 2011, more than any of the 25 largest online properties except for Pandora.

S., but those who go on the site spend a lot of time there.

Consuming 5.7% of all time on social media, more time is spent on Tumblr than any other social media property, except Facebook.

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