Updating an mb chipset driver Live porncame

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Updates keep your system stable, maybe 5 years ago things were different when patches were less reliable... Do not [email protected]/24 & 128 buffers latency is 367 with offset of 38.

Sonar Platinum(64 bit), Win 8.1(64 bit), Saffire Pro 40(Firewire), Mix Control = 3.4, Firewire=VIA, Dell Studio XPS 8100(Intel Core i7 CPU 2.93 Ghz/16 Gb),4 x Seagate ST31500341AS (mirrored), Ge Force GTX 460, Yamaha DGX-505 keyboard, Roland A-300PRO, Roland SPD-30 V2, FD-8, Triggera Krigg, Shure SM7B, Yamaha HS5. Addictive Keys, Izotope Nectar elements, Overloud Bundle, Geist. Danial: it is the correct way to build a rock solid hard disk recorder , from time to time one must also read bios revs. I remember someone saying, if your data doesn't exisit in three locations, it doesn't exisit at all! Do not [email protected]/24 & 128 buffers latency is 367 with offset of 38. I'd say this: If you're system is running stable, and there's nothing wrong with it, then you'd ideally want to avoid messing with it.ASUS will probably get the updates from Intel on the whole (they make the chipsets after all).Generally it's a matter of waiting for ASUS to copy and paste chipsets from Intel to ASUS.Application updates and firmware (BIOS) updates can be more problematic.An update that fixes a problem with one part of the system, written by the support people for that part, is never guaranteed to play well with everything else that may be on your system.

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