Aries man dating pisces woman bronze age oak coffin graves archaeology and dendro dating

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Your Jupiter and Neptune co-rulers fascinate and direct his Martian energy without letting him know it, and the Venusian charm of your exalted planet is an excellent match for his Solar Pride.Water vs Fire - Water controls Fire by engulfing it, and it takes a lot of Fire to evaporate the depth of the Piscean ocean.

Jupiter, Neptune, Venus vs Mars & the Sun - Jupiter and Neptune are your ruling planets; both of them hold immense fascination to his Martian nature.Aries is the first sign of the zodiac whereas Pisces is the last sign.Therefore, Aries is young and Pisces is matured minded.Candlelight dinner – beyond the world – fascinates you.Once you are in love you cannot take the man out of your mind. You want to commit yourself only to one person but could not take that other man out of your mind to whom you are attracted.

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