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Thank God for you and what you PHYSICALLY do to make this a safer world for our most innocent of lives.I have to congratulate you formulating such a positive and needed site.

ASACP makes every attempt to insure that its members comply with the ASACP Code of Ethics and that their sites do not contain, condone or use terms that denote child exploitation.In case you weren’t paying attention, the internet has given birth to an age of sexual enlightenment and exploration and it’s not slowing down.Reactionaries decry it as the end of civilization as we know it but most of us realize that it’s merely an evolution of humanity and that we’re exploring the many pleasures of sexuality in a way that’s healthier and more open-minded than ever before.I honestly do not understand how or why a strain of radical feminism has emerged that favors a biology-based/sex-essentialist theory of ‘sex caste’ over the theory of ‘sex class’ as set forth in the work of Witting, Andrea, and Mac Kinnon.Transphobia in the feminist community isn’t new and continues to be promoted by radical feminists such as Sheila Jeffreys, Germaine Greer, and Julie Bindel who pathologize transgenderism for a variety of reasons.

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