Dishonesty in online dating

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If someone claims a low income to avoid high alimony or child support payments but posts pictures of expensive vacations or purchases, this can be used against him or her in court.

Even when a spouse is blocked from seeing his estranged wife's social media, he can still often see what her friends are posting.

It runs live and online auctions selling more than 5,000 items a week from a range of sources.

Many people may be tempted to actually delete their accounts and scrub their online lives.

With this evidence in court, his request for alimony was denied.

Lawyers advise people to keep all written communication free of sensitive information during a divorce.

This information helped his client secure more child support than she would have otherwise received.

"It's amazing the wealth of information now at our fingertips in a divorce case" says Mr. "What would have once taken weeks of research to discover, if at all, can now be found in the click of a mouse".

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