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Flappers also started wearing make-up, something that had previously been only worn by loose women.Rouge, powder, eye-liner, and lipstick became extremely popular. She is frankly, heavily made up, not to imitate nature, but for an altogether artificial effect - pallor mortis, poisonously scarlet lips, richly ringed eyes - the latter looking not so much debauched (which is the intention) as diabetic. I was sure my girls had never experimented with a hip-pocket flask, flirted with other women's husbands, or smoked cigarettes.The flapper attitude was characterized by stark truthfulness, fast living, and sexual behavior. My wife entertained the same smug delusion, and was saying something like that out loud at the dinner table one day.Flappers seemed to cling to youth as if it were to leave them at any moment. They wanted to be different, to announce their departure from the Gibson Girl's morals. And then she began to talk about other girls."They tell me that that Purvis girl has cigarette parties at her home," remarked my wife. She was feminine but also broke through several gender barriers for her attire allowed her to participate in sports, including golf, roller skating, and bicycling. The young men of the world were being used as cannon fodder for an older generation's ideals and mistakes. She cut her hair, wore make-up, and went to petting parties. Inspired by Charles Dana Gibson's drawings, the Gibson Girl wore her long hair loosely on top of her head and wore a long straight skirt and a shirt with a high collar.They found themselves expected to settle down into the humdrum routine of American life as if nothing had happened, to accept the moral dicta of elders who seemed to them still to be living in a Pollyanna land of rosy ideals which the war had killed for them.

It is said that girls "parked" their corsets when they were to go dancing. Before the start of World War I, the Gibson Girl was the rage.The attrition rate in the trenches left few with the hope that they would survive long enough to return home.The idea is that when she walks in a bit of a breeze, you shall now and then observe the knee (which is The Gibson Girl, who prided herself on her long, beautiful, lush hair, was shocked when the flapper cut her's off.The short haircut was called the "bob" which was later replaced by an even shorter haircut, the "shingle" or "Eton" cut.

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